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Designed to help developers build location aware apps. By providing a rich SDK built on top of the latest Geofence and Beacon technology, Proximity Kit gives you the events you need to keep your app relevant and useful to your users.

The Lifecycle of a Proximity Kit

1. Configure Geofences and Beacons in the Web Portal

Configure and manage your Geofences and Beacons in our simple web portal. This is where you setup your kit, normally one kit per app, and set the region attributes.

2. Mobile SDK Syncs with Mobile Device

When the app starts up the Proximity Kit Manager, it will sync with our backend. As that happens the SDK will register each region to monitor. Your region data and configuration is cached and can be updated in the background.

3. Device Monitors for Proximity Events

When your app is in the background, we'll monitor for proximity events, even after the user restarts their phone. When your app is in the foreground, Proximity Kit will provide detailed information about the Beacons or GPS coordinates around it.

Upon entering or leaving an Beacon or Geofence region, Proximity Kit notifies your app of the proximity event along with region identifiers and associated metadata. While in an Beacon region, Proximity Kit provides additional ranging services for continuous proximity updates relative to the phone's distance from the Beacon.

Developing Apps with Proximity Kit

Proximity Kit is available on both iOS and Android. See below for details on getting started with your platform.

iOS SDK Docs Android SDK Docs

RESTful Admin API

The Proximity Kit API provides programmable access to the rich content about your App's Kit. It is designed to integrate Proximity Kit with other systems. It is specifically intended to provide access to the features and functionality available through the web interface.

Beacon Hardware

While Proximity Kit will work with beacons that implement iBeacon™ Technology or that follow the AltBeacon Standard. This is subject to mobile device operating system and hardware support.

We do build our own beacons and believe they are the best beacon hardware out there. That is available in the Radius Networks Store.

There are also software alternatives to broadcasting as a beacon, a few of our apps include Locate for iOS, QuickBeacon and MacBeacon.

Buy Beacons

Activating Director

If you are using Radius Networks's Director for beacon deployment tracking and monitoring you can configure Proximity Kit to update status of beacons as it detects them.

Activating Director for Proximity Kit

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