Radius Networks

Activating Director for Proximity Kit

After integrating Proximity Kit for iOS or/and Android, follow the steps below to activate Director and begin to monitor the health status of every beacon in your fleet.

  1. Visit the the Radius Networks Team Settings page
  2. If you don't have a team yet, click on "New Team" to create one
  3. From the account page, click on "Director", and select "Settings" from under the new team you just created
  4. Under "SDK Access Tokens", click on "Generate Token"
  5. Copy the newly generated token
  6. Go back to the accounts home page and click on "Proximity Kit"
  7. Navigate to your kit and click "Edit Kit"
  8. Paste the "Status Token" you copied from Director
  9. Click save

You are done! Next time your app syncs with Proximity Kit, Director Status Monitoring will be automatically enabled.